Dita Falson

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A modernist icon, reinvented for the 21st century: Falson realizes the promise of 1950s design using the latest advances from DITA’s optical practice. 

Falson envisions a bright new future for the panto frame, a model renowned for its keyhole bridge and articulated browline. Popularized by the trim aesthetic of the 1950s and embraced by smart-looking gentlemen from Madison Avenue to Pensacola, this style endures for its versatility and flattering dimensions. In Falson, DITA has tightened its footprint and rendered the frame with uncommonly lightweight materials for improved comfort and durability. 

As part of the DITA-Laminate series, the frame’s internal steel panel is chemically etched, plated, and hand-laminated between two sheets of lightweight acetate; this contrast-pairing technique takes up to three times longer than conventional methods, but results in blade-thin profiles that are thinner, stronger, and lighter than traditional acetate frames. The process is unique to DITA and executed by a skilled team of artisans working at the company’s production facilities in Japan.


Brand : Dita

Model Number : DRX105

Color Code : 01A

Lens Size : 52mm

Bridge Size : 20mm

Temple Length : 148mm

Frame Color : Black/Crystal Clear/White Gold